Forgive me!

That is what everyone supposed to say today as it's Quinquagesima. Yes, that strange latin word is what Wikipedia says "Прощенное воскресенье" is called in english. Any other translations?
Well, anyway, today is the day when traditionally in Russia everyone makes pancakes and asks for forgiveness to be able to start the lent (пост) with clean thoughts and calm heart.
Instead of doing that I'm staying at home, enjoying first spring sunrays. And, yes, taking photos of myself, as all other models are busy for the moment.
So, forgive me, my friends !
By the way, I've colored my hair, as promised :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Väldigt fina bilder...
    Hur fångade du halsbandens rörelser i luften?
    Använde du någon fjärrstyrdutlösare?


  2. Tack! Jag använder fjärkontroll, väldigt användbar liten sak :) köpt på ebay.